Beware The Backslide

Beware The Backslide

Routine? What’s that?

If your routine hasn’t had to change in the past few weeks, you are part of a select group of people. 

Inarguably, one of the largest group of people whose routine has been affected is our children.

How do we keep a sense of normalcy for our children during this time?

We keep as much of their normal routine in place as possible.

Keeping bed times implemented will help not only your child but also you.

Family dinner times can still be kept up and is a great time to talk to your child about how they’re feeling right now.

A great way to help your child not only stay connected to their peers but also positive influences like their instructor is through maintaining their classes at SKC. 

As parents, we can all agree that backing off on our child’s needs during this time such as their education, emotional support and structure would be detrimental to their well-being. 

The same concept should be applied to their routine. Especially the areas of their routine that help support their mental health and growth. 

Without the regular input of a mentor such as an educator or a martial arts instructor reinforcing a parent’s teachings,values of discipline and respect decrease.

Without regular exercise that martial arts training implemented in your child's life, self-esteem will be ebbed away.

Without the exposure to the discipline that is taught in martial arts classes, self discipline for schoolwork on house work becomes more difficult on both the child and the parent.

The benefits taught in martial arts are transferable to all parts of a students life and plays a huge role in shaping that student's future.

As difficult as it may seem, now is the time to be vigilant in our children's routine and consistency. 

Self-discipline, respect, confidence. These important values can continue to grow in your child’s life or can be on the edge of being gone in the next few weeks. 

We understand that there are difficulties you as a parent are facing as well, we also know how much you can and have stepped up for your child to ensure the best for their future.

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