Have You Noticed This Benefit of SKC?

Have You Noticed This Benefit of SKC?

Hey guys, I wanted to take a second to reach out to you all and thank you for all of your support during this time.

Many businesses that provide a service to their community have had to face a number of challenges lately to continue to stay connected and present for their members. 

Luckily for SKC, even though we have faced some of the same challenges, we’re more than a business, we’re a family. And this crazy ride has been made easier through your continued support. 

We speak to our students either directly or through our practice about self-discipline, respect, focus and confidence.

But, I want to talk to you about a benefit of martial arts that we teach more subtly.


Yes, I know you have either seen or felt first hand how our classes have helped with your flexibility or that of your child’s.

I’m talking about mental flexibility though.

As an adult, we hear ‘be flexible’ pretty often. You have to ‘be flexible’ in your schedule. You have to ‘be flexible’ when your normal route to work detours. You have to ‘be flexible’ when someone else drinks the last of the milk when you’re fixing your morning coffee.

But, what does ‘be flexible’  mean in a child’s life?

Their schedule is pretty set for them, they don’t have to worry about what the morning commute looks like and chances are they’re not concerned with their morning coffee either.

What about a pandemic though? Some parents think ‘I’m glad my child is too young to have to deal with this’. But, they’re not. They’re dealing with this right alongside you and their mental flexibility will determine how they come out on the other side.

Being mentally flexible reduces the chance of psychological injury in the form of stress, depression, and anger. 

Your child’s routine has been upset, they no longer get to go to school Monday-Friday, see their peers on a regular basis, go to their favorite stores freely. This affects them just as much as having to rearrange your normal schedule at the last minute, having to take a long detour due to a road closure when you’re already running late, or not getting your morning coffee would affect you.

By sticking out these uncertain times and pushing through the difficulties to help us bring the benefits of SKC’s martial arts classes to your child, you’re ensuring their flexibility, a mental toughness that will follow them well past this stage of life and all throughout theirs.

Thank you again for the support you have provided us during this time, but even more for the support that you continue to provide your child!

We can’t wait to see you all soon, even if it’s through a screen for the time being.

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