The Healthy Struggle for Kids

A popular book, The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success at Work and in Relationships in a Shortcut World, aptly describes how people who have an aversion to any form of challenge, struggle, or effort inadvertently obstruct the necessary growth in their lives. Honestly, it is hard to navigate a relationship with a person who feels and acts entitled. It all starts during childhood; it is so important not to coddle and overly protect kids from failure. As long as they have a safe place to make mistakes, kids need to fail. They need the opportunity to learn from their errors, pick themselves up, then move toward a positive direction so that they will know what to do to succeed in life. While I am not at all talking about unhealthy/detrimental/traumatic problems we need to protect our children from, many healthy challenges promote areas of growth. 


At Seigler's Karate Center we strive to provide a safe environment where they can learn from their mistakes. We have structured classes that allow your kids to do both: to succeed and to fail. And when they don’t do so well, they have mentors here to help them achieve greater success in the future. Psychology Today says it perfectly: “Children are increasingly coddled in a culture of false confidence and reinforcement. If they do not learn how to deal with disappointment and failure early on, children will be exponentially more troubled when they inevitably face them later in life … We need to empower children and instill confidence while allowing them to experience a valuable lesson in life: failure.”


Our children need the opportunity to fail, so they will know what to do to succeed in life. Don’t let them grow up feeling entitled. Empower them! Now, that’s one excellent reason to bring your child to SKC!


By Jennifer Waters


(Editor: Caryl Veloso)

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