Just Be Quiet When You've had Enough

"This is it. I have had it!"


Do these words sound familiar? Do you have days, like mine, when you feel like you have had enough?


Unfortunately, sometimes we just can't help but feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or simply exhausted. You know your child needs you, but you feel that no matter what you do or say, the day just keeps going deep into a black, frustrating hole. 


I know what it is like to be at your wit’s end because I am a mom too.


Parents who have enrolled their children at Seigler’s Karate Center (SKC) know that when their kids train with us, they get a break. Moms and Dads carve out a few precious minutes (or hours) of quiet time to recharge; we give them margin,  so they can bounce back feeling recharged into their roles as parents after the pause. 


Most importantly, we have a great support system for moms! We have a great community SKC that enables you to connect with other mothers who care about seeing their children move forward and succeed in life.  After all, it does take a whole village to raise a child but in this case, it is a community of like-minded parents who want what’s best for their kids.


If you are searching for something new, we also offer adult classes where you can train in the same areas as your child. Don't worry, you can keep your workout separate; we have classes and programs uniquely for your own well being.  


Today, take that step forward! Come and join SKC’s community of moms, where a handful of women who have similar experiences can help you and your family succeed!


By Jennifer Waters

(Edited by: Joliza Gelhay

Almond Tree Wrtiers Ink, LLC)

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