Ever Wonder Why Your Kid Is Failing

Adolescence can be extremely confusing and challenging for your child, as many physical and psychological changes happen to them when they set off and leave childhood to face adulthood. As parents, we worry about them—which is normal—especially when we notice their self-esteem decline.  When students first come to SKC, we commonly hear kids say they "don’t feel good enough." We hear stories about drug use, violence,  bullying ... frenemies  ... Every parent hopes their children will not have to meet these people or experiences, so they bring them to SKC. Here, at least, we are glad to have a few answers. 

Seigler’s Karate Center (SKC) provides your child a safe and nurturing place, one where your children can grow with other teenagers who have similar goals and the drive to achieve them.  We have mentors & instructors readily available to listen, give advice, and serve as role models. Plus we even have students who do the same! When you connect your child to a terrific group of people, like other students at SKC, we can help influence your child to choose healthier, better friendships. Our place is where they can meet friends who share the same struggles but have already begun to overcome them. Here we show kids how to have a vision and achieve noble endeavors while equipping them to surround themselves with people who can build their morale. 

We are here to boost your child's confidence. We give them feedback on how to spot frenemies from real friends. By giving them a place where they can thrive, we inadvertently show them that frenemies are merely people who are friendly towards them because their relationship with your children brings them benefits.  They dispense disingenuous compliments and sometimes use negative information they know about your children to their advantage.  They are secret rivals whose ultimate goal is to see your kids fail. On the contrary, they will discover healthier friendships here at SKC.

If you are a parent fearing that your child’s confidence is undermined by poor friends. Start with something small. Encourage them in something they can achieve and whenever they accomplish a goal (however small) make sure you lavishly praise them. Make a strong point to be their best cheerleader.  First, give them solid building blocks of confidence at home, then bring them to SKC so we can partner alongside you. When they start feeling a degree of confidence, they'll begin acting more confidently. When they start behaving more confidently,  they'll begin dreaming about the things they can achieve in the future. At SKC that is our primary directive. 


Are you searching for a reliable partner to help equip your child to navigate life?  Have them join SKC’s Teen Power Program. Provide your child the opportunity to dream and build a very healthy future.


By Jennifer Waters


(Ed: Caryl Veloso)

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