4 MUST KNOW Self Defense Moves

4 MUST KNOW Self Defense Moves

Imagine that someone is watching you and you can’t see them, but they see you. Have you ever been approached by someone who made you uncomfortable? Maybe you’ve been walking or running and hear footsteps approaching that have made your heart race. Sounds like you are underprepared to defend yourself. Self-defense can be one of those recycled ideas that people hear once or twice and think they have it mastered. You may tell yourself that you took that one self defense class in college or you have watched a video on Facebook but, you never took the time to think about what you should do. Today I am going to give you 4 moves to protect yourself that are easy but effective. When it comes to protecting yourself, you must realize it’s YOU or them. Remember that your goal is to stay safe and get away. You are not there to beat down the attacker, you are only subduing them long enough to get away and get help.

The First Move you must know is not a move at all. Its your voice. Using your voice in a self-defense situation is vital. Screaming for the person to stop and get away will alert people around you. It can also make the attacker hesitate to move forward with their actions. You can repeat short phrases like “STOP, STEP AWAY!” or “NO!” Always remember that “NO!” is a complete sentence. Speak with strength and look them in the eyes. Using this kind of defense may be all you need to avoid a physical attack.

Secondly, a signature move is a palm heel strike. The palm heel strike can be extremely effective when directed to a soft sensitive area, like the nose, throat or groin. You should use this move repeatedly until the predator is stunned. Using this against the nose could cause it to break and the eyes to water, or targeting the throat will cause the airway to swell and induce difficulty breathing. This will give you time to get your phone out and call the police or make a run for it.

Knowing how to throw a hard knee can throw your predator off balance. Knees to the groin and abdominal area can be worth the extra gusto that it takes to throw them. If you are grabbed, you can use that momentum to knee them as you move closer to their body. Another great move is a forearm strike that can be done to the neck. The neck is such a tender area and your forearm has some tenacity. A blunt strike with the forearm will stun the attacker and give you the ability to create space and follow up with another move. Striking down to their forearm can make their arms weak, making the ability to hold on to you a lot more difficult.

Remember, this is all about you getting away and getting home to your loved ones. Once you find that you are out of harms way, you need to alert the authorities immediately. If you can, take pictures of the scene or your assailant. This could help the police once they arrive. If you would like to be more prepared on what to do in an event such as this, my suggestion would be to practice. Martial Arts training can not only teach you the moves you need to know, it will give you the confidence to follow through. Consistent training will give you the readiness you need. For more information, visit us at goskc.com or visit our Facebook page Seigler’s Karate Center for events and training.

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