Mr. Tommy Seigler, Martial Arts Instructor

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Mr. Tommy Seigler

Tommy Seigler is the owner of Seigler’s Karate Center. Mr. Seigler started training in martial arts at the young age of 13 after being bullied in school. Although martial arts wasn’t popular at the time, Mr. Seigler made it his mission to learn under Professor Albert Church out of Charleston, SC in the late 1960's.He knew that martial arts would forever be a part of his life and he has made it his mission to learn as much as possible and then help change others lives with what he learned. In 1982 he opened his first martial arts school in the Augusta, GA area.Now, after over 30+ years of hard work Mr. Seigler owns one of the most successful martial arts school’s in the nation. He has Black Belts in multiple disciplines of martial arts including Karate, Kickboxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and more.He believes in leading his team on a mission to change lives through martial arts and to build leaders in our community.

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