Seigler's Karate Center Reviews

We love SKC because of the amazing staff and their shared dedication to shaping students into responsible, compassionate and hard-working individuals! This is our third year at SKC and we are so proud of Christopher’s accomplishments! We’ve also made some great friends along the way!

Jennifer Duffie Bowlby

Best place to be a kid and even get to learn respect, self control, and discipline. Make it a family sport!!

Kristine Gaylor Winning

The energy and the positive motivation the staff bring for our kids

Angela Harris

Kids Martial Arts near Augusta

Skc staff is AWESOME! They are patient and take time with kids to help them achieve their goals and levels! My son has grown so much in the almost 4 years that he has been going! It is like family! Even though they run a very tight schedule if you need to speak to the instructor about something they take time to speak and listen. And they will speak to your child about the issue or problem that they may be having. They care about the kids inside and outside skc.

Tami Luke

Great place for kids! My grandson attended for six years!

Marty-Diane Goldman

SKC has the best instructors! They are knowledgeable, disciplined and most importantly, they love the kids. It’s hard to find a balance of tough and fair and these guys do just that! I’ve never seen so many kids love their teachers!

Alison Stratton

Kids Martial Arts near Augusta

Love this place. My son has benefitted tremendously from their teachings. Highly recommended!

Don Robles

Excellent instructors who are all black belts.

Ilene Biener Blumberg

My daughter has tried many activities, none of which really sparked her attention. We decided to try karate and she was hooked from the very first lesson. She has always been a great kid, respectful, and does well in school. What SKC has taught her is that she can do hard things. she pushes herself in class and this has extended outside of class too. Where she once would quit because something was too difficult, she now tries harder and longer. SKC truly encourages a growth mindset which will help her no matter what she does in the future. Mr. Waters and all of the teachers she has encountered have been wonderful. I'm amazed at how well they run the classes. They are fun and they get the best out of every kid, no matter their level.

Greta Neuman

Kids Martial Arts near Augusta

I just attended a free class for my 4 year old. I loved every second of it and he did too! This is a great place and the instructors are very attentive! I am so thankful to have found this for my son!

Krista Lamkin Maddox

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