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Adult Karate Classes

Beginner Adult Karate Classes Enrolling In July

The thrilling Karate classes at Seigler's Karate Center are for men and women of all ages. Setting goals and achieving them are big reasons why most adults start and stay active in our program. Whether it's losing weight, reducing stress or staying fit, adults find our Karate class to be just the right fit for them and their schedule.

We have developed a systemic approach to teach adults of all backgrounds how to master the classic skills of Karate. You will learn the stances, punches, kicks and strikes that were developed over centuries of martial combat. Our expert instructors are here to assist you on the journey of mastering your new skill set.


With beginner and advanced level classes available, you will feel comfortable and challenged. You'll learn the art of Kempo Karate which combines Kickboxing style punches and kicks with the speed and practicality of Karate self-defense.

Many times our adult students embrace the time old philosophy of passing on their martial arts knowledge to the next generation of martial artists. There are several opportunities for students that progress in their Kempo Karate training to begin training on our Leadership team and develop the next generation of Black Belts.

When you try our Adult Karate classes, you'll experience the best, most fun and impactful workout you've every experienced. And on top of all that, you'll enjoy life-changing benefits starting with your very first class. Here's just a taste of what you can expect:

  • Leadership skills and character building exercises
  • Unbreakable focus and concentration as you learn to predict your opponent's moves
  • A sense of calm that will crush your daily stresses
  • Unstoppable confidence as you perfect self-defense techniques
  • A huge boost to your cardiovascular health
  • Focus your mind and move your body for maximum fitness

Classes are fast paced, but designed for adult students in mind. You will get a great workout while feeling confident and successful as you earn new Karate belt ranks. With a positive, family friendly atmosphere students build strong friendships through the bond of Karate training.


Simply fill out the short form on the side of this page to request more information about what to expect and how to get signed up! We'll provide you with all the information you'll need to get started with incredible Adult Karate classes at Seigler's Karate Center!